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IT Leadership

The online programme is designed for you as an experienced IT manager to develop your leadership skills, empower and motivate your team, build influence, develop as an effective, purposeful, high-impact leader to drive the business forward. learn the skills necessary to lead and respond to different personality types. Currently only running this course live on-line please email us for 2024 dates and times.

  • Personal branding
  • IT team leadership
  • Influence & corporate politics
  • Innovation & technology vision
  • Business strategy & IT alignment

Module 1 – Personal leadership

Daniel Goleman’s model of emotional intelligence emphasises personal leadership — our ability to understand ourselves and achieve our best.

  • How CIOs optimize time and results
  • Emotional intelligence in IT management
  • Leadership opportunities for IT managers
  • Building reputation and brand

Module 2 – Peer Leadership

Module 2 uses two leadership models to help IT managers identify their leadership and management style and use it to best effect.

  • Assessing your style of leadership
  • Recognizing and influencing others
  • Corporate politics and networking — the inside track
  • Campaigns of influence

Module 3 – Team Leadership

Our “world class IT” model has been 5 years in the making, and identifies the formula for successful IT.

  • A model for high performance IT
  • Guidelines for successful IT teams
  • Handling difficult situations
  • Coaching and developing IT staff in real time

Module 4 – Technology & innovation leadership

Looks at the technology innovation process, with techniques for developing ideas and plotting technology vision.

  • The process of innovation and the creative mindset
  • Techniques to foster innovation
  • Creating technology vision and roadmaps
  • Communicating technology ideas

Module 5 – Corporate Leadership

This module focuses on the high level role of senior IT executives, based on research and interviews with CIOs and technology leaders.

  • A model for IT to business alignment
  • Technology governance structures
  • Leadership opportunities for IT professionals


  • Copy of IT Management or IT Leadership
  • Comprehensive workbook
  • Access to Learning Management System
  • Access to 4 e-learning presentations per module (typically 10 hours of video / e-learning in total)
  • Access to a tutor via email
  • Access / download of four assignments per module
  • Invitation to IT Leaders network group days (3 per annum, in UK only) & LinkedIn network group
  • Access to three live group seminars (typically 60 to 90 minutes in duration)

Module L1 – Personal leadership

The course starts with a look at what makes technology leaders successful, based on proven personal profiling models. We look at where they spend their time (their leadership profile), and work with delegates to identify those areas that will deliver the greatest difference to their success. Finally, we introduce the concept of “leadership opportunities”, focusing on the actions of top performers that deliver outstanding business results.

  1. Guidelines and leadership opportunities
  2. What CEOs look for in their CIOs
  3. Emotional intelligence for IT managers
  4. Leadership opportunities – an illustration of how small actions make a big difference

Module L2 Team leadership

This module looks at the key aspects of leading a technology team and, in particular, some of the factors that make IT teams different, using our World Class team model. The course looks at the three levels for developing IT teams, but goes further to illustrate how good IT performance does not always translate to outanding results. We also review the critical environmental factors for team performance, the setting and appraising of objectives, and finally team motivation and how to coach your IT team to deliver exceptional results.

  1. A model of World Class IT Teams
  2. Managing IT teams
  3. Creating harmony (& handling difficult situations)
  4. Coaching for top performance

Module L3 Peer leadership

Peer leadership is the skill that enables managers to grow strong networks and build their influence with other senior managers. Our work is based on different leadership styles and emphasizes how to work effectively across one’s organization. We review the different aspects of corporate politics, including the importance of influence and building networks. You will learn specific techniques to raise your profile both inside and outside of your organization.

  1. Recognizing leadership type
  2. Corporate politics for IT managers
  3. Creating campaigns of influence
  4. Business relationship management

Module L4 Innovation and Technology leadership

Technology leadership in our world incorporates innovation and thought leadership. Our role as IT professionals is to look for opportunities between the worlds of business and technology that could enhance performance and improve results. We look at creating innovation culture and present our ten leading techniques for fostering innovation. We also look at how to create a technology roadmap as a sort of timelapse of the future. Finally we give some ideas for communicating technical concepts to business audiences. (Read more about our approach to Technology, Leadership and Innovation)

  1. The process and culture of innovation
  2. Techniques for generating new ideas to solve existing problems
  3. A technology roadmap to the future
  4. Communicating technology

Module L5 Corporate leadership

Corporate leadership is about influencing and directing an organization at its highest level. A key component of this is aligning IT activities with business priorities, consistently identified as one of the top priorities for senior IT managers. We also look at IT governance and we present a ‘best practice’ governance structure, including a review of a business case, project portfolios, risk and compliance. Finally, by way of conclusion, we bring the ideas from this course together, to help IT managers chart their career to the next level. (Read some of our thinking on Corporate Leadership and the role of the CIO)

  1. Aligning IT to business priorities
  2. IT governance
  3. Building personal brand
  4. Charting a career to the next level

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