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Most of the managers we work with have experience in running IT projects. Indeed many have PRINCE2, PMI and other project qualifications. This IT project management training module is designed to take that expertise and take it to the next level.

This is an advanced project management module, with key insights on managing complex programs and project portfolios. We also look at business change leadership, and the unique role of the IT manager in ensuring that projects that deliver significant business change are successful.

The module on Projects, programs and portfolio management, covers the following topics:

Project excellence

Day 2 topics include advanced project, program & portfolio management.

  • Validating project business cases using investment appraisals & sensitivity analysis
  • IT project management wisdom — lessons learnt from successful (and failed) projects
  • Effective project governance and reporting
  • Project portfolio management guidelines

The first 90 days

  • Making an impact — the first 90 days
  • Strategic importance and tactical urgency
  • Case study ‘Priorities of the new IT director’

Business change leadership

  • The emotional cycle of business change
  • Guidelines for successful change projects
  • IT’s unique role in business change management

All IT managers will be involved in project delivery at some time in their careers. The industry has worked long and hard to promote the successful delivery of projects and to learn from past experience. A number of globally recognized standards have been developed to help with this. If this has somehow passed you by, the paper download gives a quick overview of them (including PRINCE2, PMI, and agile methods).

Our main concern on this course, then, is to assist managers move up to the next level, overseeing individual project delivery and also project portfolios management. To that end, it is assumed that you are familiar with at least one of these methodologies and are looking for further guidance and practical advice on the successful delivery of projects. IT managers are involved with different complexities of projects, and before we go on, it is helpful to define what is meant by projects, programs, portfolio management, and change leadership:

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  • Request a complimentary download of the chapter on "IT project, program and portfolio management," from "Excellent IT Management" by David McKean

  • Feel free to ask us if you have an IT management question (training or non-training related). We have a large trusted private network of over over 800 IT managers we can call on to help.