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One of our most frequent requests on the course is for day to day management skills, and handling difficult (people) situations. To this end, day three of the course looks at the importance of good communication in IT teams, handling difficult management situations and communicating technology to non-technology audiences.

The session uses actors to simulate a number of IT-related scenarios, enabling managers to identify the effect of different strategies for solving problems. One of our highest scoring and most successful days, all delegates have found this day a real boost for handling day-to-day situations and sharpening their communications skills.

This module covers the following topics:

Communicating technology

Day 3 looks at improving business relationship management and communication skills using a number of interactive and typical IT business relationship scenarios. The day uses a careful blend of acting techniques and business methods. It has been carefully constructed to be relevant and applicable to IT managers and has proven highly popular with delegates.

  • The art of communicating technology
  • Presenting IT to non-technical audiences
  • Creating a compelling technology message — IT’s elevator pitch
  • Handling difficult (IT) situations — forum theatre and role play
  • Group debate — What has IT ever done for us?

Business relationship management

This module looks at some advanced techniques for improving the relationship between business sponsors and IT managers, supporting better project delivery and improved IT services.

  • Business relationship scenarios
  • The POSTMAN technique for identifying priority business requirements
  • The advanced use of questioning strategies – opening and closing dialogue

Methods of influencing outcomes

  • Request a complementary download of the chapter on "Projects / Business relationship management" from "Excellent IT Management" by David McKean, published 2014 - the one on which the course is based.

  • Feel free to ask us if you have an IT management question (training or non-training related). We have a large trusted private network of over over 800 IT managers we can call on to help.